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Hello dear visitor and fan of our site kajira-training.com. We love to give you all insights into our lifestyle and the training of a gorean kajira. However, our focus lies on the real life community, the real life training and connecting goreans to local Home Stones.

This site is not updated any longer and we will publish new updates inside the gorean platform MyGorean.Com. If you like our content and want to receive new updates, sign up on MyGorean and get Gold Tarn membership.

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Alduras & adira

About Alduras & adira

Alduras & adira

Master, kajira, slave girl, adira, AldurasTal! We are Alduras & adira, a german Master/slave couple. We are enjoying to film and show parts of our life. Our main focus lies on the life as Master and slave, our gorean lifestyle and we show in our videos some situations, that might be fun to watch. Some of the vidoes are not strictly gorean.

By the time, we have experiened, that virtuality brings some huge issues up to light. One spends a lot of time, efforts and energy in some projects and ideas, but not everything is fruitful for the real life. It is a challenge to authentically live the lifestyle and produce video clips for a member site at the same time. We had been offline for a while to sort things out.

Relaunch in Aug 2017

We cleaned up the site, removed those clips, which didn’t fit into a gorean site and we changed our concept that way, that we focus now on only situation, that actually happens in our life. What you see from now on is only everyday life scenes of Alduras & adira. Sometimes the Master catches his camera and starts filming spontaneously his slave during her chores. In other occasions we find situations interesting for publishing and we re-enact these situations before the running cam. What you can expect is:

  • daily slave chores
  • serving the Master
  • serving other Free
  • slave training
  • discipline and punishment
  • slave dance
  • body care
  • nudity
  • barefoot in public
  • personal thoughts

What you won’t see here is porn and BDSM. If you expect to see explicit sexual content, you will probably not satisfied if you sign up for a membership. However, a gorean kajira is usually and almost the whole time very sexual and aroused. Nudity is her natural clothing and she is not permitted to hide her sexual needs. But we don’t want this site to be confused with a porn site. Gorean Lifestyle is very exciting, but it is not to be reduced to sex and porn.

We have started a new gorean academy, where everyone can learn about Gor. Real practical kajira trainings for external girls are possible after completing the basic courses academy. Click here for more information about the academy.

We thank everybody for giving some feedback. With that feedback and also with our own development, our clips might slightly change (or perhaps rapidely?), you may observe yourself. For sure, it we be continuously being thrilling! So stay tuned!

Alduras & adira


I’m known under the name „Alduras“ in the Internet, I wear this name since 2001. My origin lies in Germany, from there I relocated for one year into the beautiful Netherlands, which inspired my later on to relocate to the Netherlands Antilles, were I live with my slave girl. By talking about Slavery, I own slave girls now for since 1999, my current kajira since 2005. Slavery fells into my interest since the 1980s, while I read my first Gor Book – on holidays in England – 1990. Since this time I inform myself much more about Gor and slavey societies of the past and present on earth.

I became involved into different communities and corporations of different kind in my lifetime, experience in leading communities online and offline since 1992, since 1999 towards the gorean lifestyle and philosophy, within this time I founded LaKajira in 2011 produced the movie “Katibu” with Alduras & adira first time together in a movie and Kajira Training in 2013 again with clip with Alduras & adira. In 2017 LaKajira has been replaced by MyGorean.Com and the Gorean Academy has been founded.

I like to read about different cultures and ages with their history, philosophy, social system and actual life, beside this I am interested in science, psychology and making photos (especially sunsets …), swimming in the ocean and spending time with my slave girl.

I live in the believing that everything we can imagine is possible, that every being is useful and that we all can learn a lot from each other, just by listing. Being thankful, believing into honor and authenticity are the basics of the philosophy of my house. By this philosophy my house is also connected to my commitment of the establishment of the gorean philosophy on earth.

Talking about adira, I met her first in May 2005, at the second “date” on the 15. July 2015 she submitted to me and was collared, one year later I branded her with my Initials. Today I have from time to time also other girls in my house serving me.


I enjoy playing music on the piano, belly dancing, running, swimming, I love listening to almost all kind of music, I love “The Mentalist”, “Bones”, “Games of Thrones” and of course reading the Gor novels (I’ve read most of them several times).

I enjoy being mentor for other slaves and share my experiences with heart. I like to say, learning never ends, so I like to learn from others as well and there is no girl too new, that she couldn’t bring some great inspiration into my life. For me all contact to other (gorean) slaves is very helpful, either lifestylers and Second Lifer. In real life I had several experiences with other slaves at my Masters chain and as the first girl in his house I had to learn how to deal with issues of lower slaves. Also similar positions in Second Life are very helpful, so it’s indeed a great inspiration for me.

I’m excited and looking forward for my further slave training and where my Masters paths are leading to.


La Palma… KT Version

Master Alduras and kajira adira visited the beautiful island La Palma… and also met there friends, a Master with his slave! See some nice impressions from the island! Enjoy the clip!

Slave Cleans Masters Bikes

Again, time for some dirt slave work! Today Master wants his kajira to clean his bikes. Let’s see how adira gets the motorcycles clean and shiny like new! Enjoy the clip!

Garden work with spontaneously slave paces

Okay, that’s a video from summer. Slave adira is working hard in the garden. After a while her Master came to see, how far the girl came. Then he decides to command the slave through a few slave positions. Later he cleaned the girl with fresh water using the garden hose… Enjoy the clip!

Gorean Academy

Tal Free and slaves!

This site is primary about how Master Alduras is training his kajira.

You want to learn or even get trained as a kajira? You may want to start at MyGorean Academy, free courses about John Normans Gor. For a real practical kajira training, a completed basic training on MyGorean.Com is required. You can get more information at the academy and learn how to apply for a practical training.

See you at MyGorean.Com!

Secret Slave Dreams

Even a kajira has secret slave dreams!

Greetings Masters, Mistresses and also my fellow slaves,

My life as a slave girl is certainly very exciting and I guess, there are little girls as sexual and as aroused as we gorean kajirae!

However, I have sexual dreams, that go far beyond my real sexual experiences. Some, of course, because it is just not possible here on Earth. Some others also because in my dreams, slavery is totally legal and normal.

These dream, I call them secret slave dreams, will be available for you with an active subscription. Just subscribe within your dash board.

I wish you well!

Oh… yes, I know that a slave does not have secrets before her Owner 😉