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KT Kajira Estralla First Visit

Estrella’s First Visit

How the journey began for kajira Estrella, you will see today. She was looking for a new job and came to Master P’s house… Enjoy her first experience as a slave girl. This is part 1 of 4 Read More

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ayana’s garden work

Today ayana has to clean the garden. Master Alduras is not pleased and calls his First Girl adira… Uhoh… what will the First Girl do with ayana? Enjoy the movie! Read More

Punishment and crucifixion of adira
kajira-training.com paces positions
Katibu - a gorean slave girls journey

Bonus: Full Katibu Movie (94min)

An authentic movie about the gorean lifestyle. This is a story, telling about the slave adira and her experiences in slavery, auction block, sold to a black Master, foreign language. The full 94min movie as bonus and online stream exclusively only here! Enjoy the movie! (This is the english version) Read More

kajira estrella with Master P being hogtied

Flying Hogtied

Today Master P ties up the little kajira Estrella and his idea is to hogtie her up while she is flying. Enjoy the movie! Read More

Punishment, whipping, slave girl, kajira, estrella

The Training of Kajira Estrella Part IV

In the last part of this training unit, the kajira shows (or has to show) her round ass. Master P ties her up as usual: very tough and tight and teases her then with his instruments. Enjoy the last part of this series… Read More

Kajira Training, iron belt, chastity belt, kajira adira

The Iron Belt

So… what is the proper punishment for self-pleasure without permission? Yes, it is belting the girl so that she cannot touch herself anymore. That gives Master total control over her sexuality. Read More

Kajira Training, slave girl, punishment, kajira estrella

The Training of Kajira Estrella Part III

The training shows already effect, the kajira seems to understand her place better now, but it’s not enough yet. Master P has still ideas to impress the girl and to humiliate her. Ouch, is it a punishment? Well anyway, it’s a good treatment for a slave girl… enjoy Part 3 of 4… Read More

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