first girl orders garden work

kajira ayana, slave labor, bonded labor, garden, caribbean, slave girl, kajira, whipping, whip

Today you’ll see adira in the role as first girl. The Master is not pleased with the garden and consequently he punishes his first girl adira. She gives it back to ayana and commands her to clean the garden carefully! Enjoy the two slave girls!…

Flying Estrella

kajira estrella with Master P being hogtied

One thing is to be tied up, but flying is another thing… Master P let the little kajira fly today and it looks like, she does enjoy her first flight… Enjoy with her!…

Fourth and Final Taming Part of Estrella

Punishment, whipping, slave girl, kajira, estrella

Yesss, good girl! Brave! You will become a good slave! Now one more round and you’re fine… for now! Turn around, present your lovely butt and take the final portion of your training punishment, slave! Enjoy……

The Third Taming Part of Estrella

Kajira Training, slave girl, punishment, kajira estrella

She’s getting tamed slowly, but Master P is not finished yet. Now let’s see how she likes some whipping and caning… Enjoy!…

Part 2 of Estrellas Taming

Kajira Training, kajira estrella, gaged, slave girl, torture

Enjoy Part two of Estrellas Taming with cutting off her G-string thong 😉 Yes, she needs a proper slave training as it is important to beat in a good slave behavior….

Estrellas Taming 1

torture, bondage, slave girl, kajira estrella, Whipping

You know, Master P’s speciality is taming sluts. Kajira Estrella is so cheeky, she really needs some taming. This is part one of four taming clips with bondage, humiliating and punishments. Enjoy!…

Kajira Estrella starts a new life as slave

KT Kajira Estralla First Visit

This is a film of Estrella as she visits Master P, the bondage expert to become a trained slut. Enjoy the clip!…